This is the place to spruce up your AOL Profile.  Add fantastic colors, different fonts and sizes, hyperlinks, and lots of other cool stuff! To make a cool profile that’s in whatever color and font that you want, you have to make your profile in HTML. I know that sounds hard but just bear with me. I made my cool profile by doing the following steps. It takes about 20 minutes, but the end result is really neat. You can email me if you any questions at Please visit my web page too, in fact you can do it right now and your browser will open it in a new window so you can continue looking at this page. Click Here. Special Thanks to Sumehra for giving me the directions on how to make my profile. Please Remember, Copy the Html tags exactly as I give them to you, and include all periods and spaces that I do. These directions were lasted updated 08/20/01 , so these directions should be up-to-date with the current AOL format!

Now Here’s the Directions…

1) Get onto AOL and go to Keyword: My Profile

2) Click on Create or Modify “My Profile”

Now to the Html…


Background Color

The first thing you have to do is to get a background color for your profile, which you do by typing in an Html “tag.” The “<” character you will see often in these tags is made by pressing Shift+Comma and the “>” you will see is made by Shift+Period. To get your background color you have to type this tag into the Member Name field of your profile.  The HTML tag for background is:

< body . bgcolor=#000000>

The “#000000” here represents the color black.   If you want your background to be a different color, click here to go to a chart of over 140 colors, find the code of the color your want, and put it in this tag instead of #000000.  For example, I have  light blue as the color of my background, so I use the tag:

< body . bgcolor=#0099ff>



This tag assigns your text a certain color.  The tag is:

< font . color=#xxxxxx>

xxxxxx here represents the hex code for a specific color (i.e., #000000 is equal to the color black). Again, if you want your text to be a different color, go to the my color chart page, find the code of the color your want, and put it in this tag instead of #000000

My text is the default color, black, so I didn’t have to worry about this tag



To determine which font your text will be, use this tag:

< font . face=”xxxxxx”>

“xxxxxx” here represents the font name i.e., Arial.  Make sure you get the full name, like for Comic Sans (the font on this page) I had to put Comic Sans MS, not just plain old Comic Sans.

Note: While you may have a font on your system, another user viewing your profile may not, so try to cut down on the bezerk fonts….


Font Sizes

This next tag is only if you want a really goofy profile. I would suggest sticking with the normal size font and not have to worry about using this tag. If you use too many tags, you’ll run out of space. But anyways…to assign a font size to a string of text, use the following tag.

< font . ptsize=xx> 

xx represents the point size of the font used (i.e., The point size of this web page’s font is 14).

My font size was the normal font size (12) so I didn’t have to put in a font tag


Text Highlight

If you would like to highlight your text like I am doing here, use the following code

< font . color=#xxxxxx back=#xxxxxx>

xxxxxx represents the hex code for a specific color (i.e., #000000 is equal to the color black). The color tag is the print color and back is the background color of that text. Once again, a color chart may be found at this page.  In the example I gave above in blue and yellow, I used the color tags #3333ff, which is blue, and #ffff33, which is yellow. So, if you want to highlight your text like I did above, you would use the tag:

< font . color=#3333ff back=#ffff33>


Mixing Tags

Say that in your profile, you want your Member Name Field to be in red and in large font while you want your interests to be a smaller font and in blue.  Well, you can achieve this by mixing tags.  One you insert a color tag, for example, your text stays that color until you insert a tag for a different color.  Here’s an example:  I will insert two tags into my profile like so: 

< font . face=”Pencil” ptsize=14 color=#810541>My name is Imran.< font . face=”Arial” ptsize=12 color=#000000>I wear blue socks

The above would make the text “My name is Imran” in the Pencil Font with a point size of 14 in maroon, and then the text “I wear blue socks” and beyond would be in Arial, in 12 point font in black. Get it?

Other Text Features

Bold – to start it use:   <b>
To end it use:   </b>

Italic – to start it use:   <i>
To end it use:   </i>

Underline – to start it use:   <u>
To end it use:   </u>


Text Justification

If you want your text centered, or on either side of your profile, use the following tags:

For normal text that starts on the right side, (this is the default setting) use: 

< p . align=right>

For a left justification, where text is positioned to the left side, use:

< p . align=left>

For centered text, use

< p . align=center>

As always, you can mix these tags for multi-aligned text. For example, if one field was centered and you wanted the next field to be right justified, you would start the first field with the centered tag, and then put the right justify tag in the beginning of the the next field.



Use the following tag to create a link. I’ll give an example that could be used to link to my personal web page, which is

< a . href=””>Imran’s Web Page< /a .>

Replace the “” with your website address, and the Imran’s Web Page with the name of your web site.  The above tag would come at as:

Imran’s Web Page

Note: You may need to reinsert the font tag to get the text color back to the original color after you insert the HTML tag. 


OK! We are done with the HTML! Now you can fill in the rest of your profile just like you normally would and it will look all cool! Even though there is all the Html in the member name field, you can still type in there, just make sure it is in the right place relative to the tags, as in, keep the text you want after the HTML tags.  If you aren’t mixing tags, I’d suggest to stick as much HTML tags in the “Member Name” field as possible, then you  won’t have to worry about it for the rest of your profile. You’ll have to keep your text short too, because there is limited space. 

Now You Are Finally Set!

Give me comments, questions, suggestions, corrections, and additions here or e-mail me at If you want to check out my color profile, my AOL screen name is imransaleh.  You can IM me or e-mail me about anything.

Please continue your visit to my real web page now 🙂 Click Here