The Home Front

Life after wedding

Zahra and I got married on August 10, 2019 (Video and Photo Highlights).  We are planning a Honeymoon for 2 weeks in May to Paris, Heidelberg, Interlaken, Rome, and Amalfi Coast.   Open to any suggestions you have!

I really enjoy the experience of growing with a partner.  Admittedly though, I had some post-wedding blues:  It was hard moving out of Downtown Toronto, switching to a 50 minute commute to work (instead of a 15 min one), and leaving behind the bachelor lifestyle where I could leave my clothes in disarray and not do the dishes for days.

I learned that it’s sometimes difficult for me to make changes to my routine, even when its a positive change.  But if I can give myself some time, and pull through (using whatever support mechanisms I need as an outlet), it can work out.


Life after wedding
I’ve started cooking at home for myself rather than eating out.  It took me years to start, but now I realize, like many changes – it’s not so bad!  It’s just like following instructions (which I’m good at).  My go-to recipe is Lemon Chicken in Foil.

In our next big challenge, we’re looking for a House.  A nicely renovated, detached 4 bedroom house in the Richmond Hill, Ontario Area is around $1.4M.  Not sure we had planned for that in the budget…


Life after wedding

No this isn’t what I commute in (borrowed it from my uncle for a weekend), but anyway

I continue to manage a team of 4 people at PriceMetrix.  My biggest challenge has been learning to be an effective manager.   I swing between being totally hands-on and trying to do people’s jobs for them, to being completely hands-off and potentially not adding as much value and guidance as I could.

I think a more sustainable way is to set goals, let the team figure out they want to achieve them, but have check-ins to help them if they get stuck.  Another good tactic is to find people’s strengths and deploy them in those areas.  If you have any good books on people management, I’d love to hear them.


Life after wedding

I’ve been working with a coach, Trevor Timbeck, on shifting from an “auto-pilot” mindset (continue on the treadmill of life until retirement) to a more “creator” mindset (what do I actually want to create with my life).

This is in part after I learned Kobe Bryant died at 41.  I thought Kobe was someone for whom everything just worked out. For such a person to have their life end so suddenly, almost capriciously, it really made me appreciate how fragile life is, and how much of a gift it is.

The next big change I want in my life is to start a company, or a project, of my own.  It’s long been a goal of mine.  Now that I’ve found a great partner, I want to bring more of my attention and intentions to this goal.


Life after wedding

In January my dad moved to Nairobi, Kenya where he was named Founding Director of the Cancer Centre at the Aga Khan University in Nairobi.  I’m happy that he’s found a way to continue his calling.  Being aged 65+ though, I’m finding in his passion he can work himself too hard.    I’m starting to reverse parent — trying to make sure he takes care of himself!  We do weekly Zoom video conference calls to stay in touch with him.

Over Christmas, we went to Orlando to see Harry Potter World and a Disney Theme park.  My wife is a huge fan of these series, so it was fun to experience it with her.  The best $40 I spent was on a flapping Porg toy.  This picture above is us having lunch at the Leaky Cauldron.

Our next family trip hopefully will be a Safari to East Africa in late June where we will visit my dad as well.


Life after wedding

As I’ve been digging through my old files, I came across a one hour piano recital I put on when I was 18 and graduating highschool.  You can check it out on Youtube  or Spotify.  I’m not quite so polished anymore, but its nice to hear something that is your own creation.   I played one of the pieces at my wedding (above).  Looking forward to more creative adventures.

Until next time – Take care,