Toronto in the Summer



So the Toronto summer is about over, but its been a pretty hot one. It was consistently in the 80s Fahrenheit for a high (27 degrees Centigrade). I can’t even remember what winter felt like. I live on King St. where there are plenty of lounges and restaurants (including Drake’s) so people are taking full advantage of it.

I now have a membership to the Toronto Bike share and use it on my morning commute. Biking in any city can be kind of scary at first, but with some practice you get the hang of being a regular. I still get passed all the time on the streets by the “pros”, but I just appreciate being able to get somewhere fast without having to take the bus or walking, and a workout while I’m at it!


There is a roof top pool/restaurant in my apartment building that has a new restaurant called Lavelle. The lines are pretty crazy to get in on the weekends, but the view is nice. If you’re in Toronto – come over and we could hang out here!


I have also discovered that I love making smoothies. I first got a Magic Bullet but upgraded to the NutriBullet which I find works better on frozen fruits. Here’s what my Freezer looks like. I’m continuing to experiment with new combinations — this is my current formula: Blueberries, Raspberries, Mangos, 2 Tablespoons Aloe Vera Juice, Cranberry Juice, 1/2 Cup Spinach, 1/2 Cup Kale.

If you have any good smoothie recipes, send them over!


Work Life

Work is good. Our company Influitive (a startup of about 140 people) unfortunately just went through a round of layoffs in order to better get to profitability. Going through that experience is not fun, because you lose some good friends, but it also makes you realize the importance of getting a business model right in a startup. Right now I’m trying to better figure out how help us grow more strongly.

Influitive is a software company, and I work in new Product Development, which is responsible for building new features and maintaining the existing software. We are organized into “Squads” which is made up of one Product Manager (me), five engineers, one designer, and one quality assurance tester. We each name our squad. Ours had a hard time coming up with a name, so we went with “The Squad that cannot be named” and that turned into the Voldemort Squad below. Here is our Squad photo, see if you can figure out where I am…you might be confused!


One interesting thing we do is every day at 11:51AM we have a 9 minute sync up meeting. One person in the company does a 3 minute presentation on some topic to the whole company. So far I have given presentation on overcoming anxiety through meditation and one on my squad’s deliverables for our Summer Solstice deadline. Definitely a good way to get over nerves.

In addition, I made a (small) appearance in our company recruiting video (see below – skip to 1:30)



From July 21 to 31, I went with my sister to Dubai (photo album here) to watch and volunteer at the Jubilee Games, an Ismaili Sports tournament. Some of my duties were to write articles for and do sports highlights.

Dubai was pretty hot (like over 100F, 40C) but its a dry heat. If you stay in doors, and keep in the shade when you are walking outside (and do it only for a few minutes at a time) it’s actually not too bad.

Outside the games, I made a trip to Abu Dhabi to see the Sheikh Zayd Mosque, which is this beautiful mosque full of jewels. You would think that it is an ancient relic, but it was actually constructed in 2006.

Upcoming Travels

No upcoming travels for the time being! Just staying put in Toronto so let me know if you are here. Always love to hear from you!

Take care,