My name is Imran, and I have used a PC for over 15 years.  I loved my computer and was a Guru on using Microsoft Windows.  About 3 months ago, in June of 2012, I decided to switch over to a Macbook Air from my Dell Laptop.  At first it was a little bit tricky to get used to.  But now about 3 months in, I am loving it and never have looked back.

Here’s the whole story:

A friend who was staying with me at the time had just bought one and it looked very cool.  My dell laptop was large and slow, and slowing me down.  I went to buy Best Buy and checked out 3 different HP/Toshiba PCs, trying to find the right one.  Each one I returned after about 3 weeks.  (Side tip: Best buy has great return policies if you want to try out laptops.  You can open and play around with it for up to 30 days and still return it if you’re unsatisfied.)


When I went to Bestbuy for a 4th time, I finally caved and decided to try the Macbook Air.  It was about twice as expensive as the PCs I was looking at.   I didn’t know exactly what I was doing, buut here are the top reasons I was thinking at the time:

  • Speed:  The Mac Air is run on an all flash memory hard drive (called an SSD, or Solid State Drive).  This means there is no rotating disk hard drive.  As a result, you hear a lot less clicking, and load time on programs are really snappy.  I watched how my friend would restart his computer and it would boot up in literally 10-15 seconds.  Easy!
  • Integrated Camera / Facetime:  My sister has a mac.  My dad has an iPhone.  My mom has a mac.  I have an iPhone.  Everyone is moving to Apple products.  If you have a Mac, not only do you have a great, high quality camera, but you can easily make FaceTime calls to anyone else on a Mac product.  I am all for Skype and Google Video, but the ability to make a quick call straight from the application was a nice sell for me.
  • Cool factor:  This is obviously not a functional reason.  However, I live in San Francisco, and everyone in tech seems to have a Mac.  When you look at the Air, it is a really slick, shiny, amazingly thin piece of aluminum.  It just feels so hip to have one.  I found I was saying to my self “wow this is a really cool computer” as I looked at it.
  • Portable:  I am not a huge traveller.  I might make a trip every few months.  I go to the coffee shop every once in a while and might need to take my laptop.  I like watching T.V. on the couch and may need to take my laptop over there.  All these small things.  It may seem like not a lot of moving around.  It isn’t.  But when you have a brick of a laptop, just that little bit more inertia make it that much harder to do what you want.  The Air is extremely portable and light.  It is even fun to carry because it looks so cool.  And when I am on the plane, I am so happy I have the very intuitive touchpad on the Mac.  I hated the mouseheads/touchpads on other PCs.  They would never work and I would have to bring an external mouse.  Not anymore!

All of these reasons still stand.  The speed is still the best part.  I would probably now downgrade the importance of facetime and upgrade the importance of Portable.  In another blog post I will discuss the reasons for keeping one that I discovered after getting my Air.